Age Verification

Why the age verification checks?

Vape products may only be purchased for persons over the age of 18 within the UK. VapeStockist is required to verify the age of new customers to comply with UK laws. Should we conclude a customer to be under the legal age, the order will be cancelled and a full refund will be processed to the original payment method.

How are the checks carried out?

VapeStockist carry out age verification using third party systems including but not limited to Experian. They will carry out several checks including credit record and/or electoral roll. When carrying out a credit report check, this will only be what is known as a 'soft check', meaning it has no impact on your credit score. Should you have any questions regarding this, please forward your concerns to

How long do the checks take?

Our systems carry this out automatically upon a new order being placed. We normally receive approval/rejection within 5-7 minutes, however should further checks be required, this may delay your order. Should this be the case, a member of the customer services team will notify you by email to ensure you are aware. We may be required to verify further information from you, if this is case, a member of the customer services team will be in contact straight away to avoid unnecessary delays with your order.

How often are checks carried out?

We are only required to verify the age of new customers. Any orders from then on will not be affected by this.

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